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Pingvin Rugby Club

Pingvin RC in English
In the early 60s there was no rugby club in Trelleborg and young men who wanted to play rugby had to go to
Malmö. After a while they got tired of it and in 1962 Pingvin Rugby Club was formed by some rugby
enthusiasts. The most active was Wolfgang Österling, who also became the clubs first chairman.
The name Penguin came for two reasons, partly because Wolfgang was in contact with an English-known
representative team called The Penguins and partly because there were a couple of live Penguins in
Trelleborgs City Park at that time. What could be better than just "Penguin Rugby Club"?
Penguins first home was during the 1960s, an open pitch 30 meters from the sea and where the wind was
constantly blowing. Here, however, they trained and played in watches and sheds for many years. Not often,
the ball was brought out into the sea.
In 1983, the men were joined by their first womens team that started with a little training in the
Östervångsparken in the centre of town, before the spring season at Pilevallen started.
The successes have been mixed over the years, with both rise and fall from the highest division. But since the
80s, Penguins men, ladies and youth have had a safe place among Swedens best clubs thanks to a good
organization, big heart and strong local roots with the best home crowd in the whole of Sweden!
Penguins men and ladies were the strongest during the 90s and Pingvin has during his 50 active years
secured 11 mens SM gold, 2 ladies SM gold and more than 20 youth SM gold. Our own clubhouse was
eventually built in the early 90s by a number of members, right next to the plan at Pilevallen.
A long-awaited stand was then built by the municipality and Pingvin Rugby Club named it the
 "Wolfgang Österlings stand", in legacy of the man who started it all. Unfortunately we had to move from Pilevallen in 2021. 
2022 our mens team again became Swedish champions, this time at Gylle stadium, while waiting for our own new arena. 
Currently we have a men’s team and ladies playing in Sweden’s highest level, the “Allsvenskan”.
Youth teams in almost every age group, for boys and girls. And the famous Pingvin International Youth tournament »
in August. For anyone who just wants to have fun, throw the oval ball around or just can’t let go of old memories 
we have a social team. 100% rugby, 100% fun, yet no pressure!
If you want to play with us or look at the KONTAKT page

Or have a look when we are training having a match in our KALENDER

Welcome and see you soon!